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“I should have mentioned it before, my Mum, she, last year, she passed”. James is suffocated by his past. Based on true events, this is one couple’s journey through bereavement, love, pregnancy, superheroes and enforced pen maintenance. It’s a story about the importance of talking, opening up and grieving at the right time and about not letting your past determine your future. An intimate and gripping account of life and death, developed in association with Cruse Bereavement Care.

Creative Credits

Written by Jeremy Fletcher

Directed by Marcus J Bazley

Designed by Caitlin Abbott

Lighting Design by Holly Ellis

Sound and Music Design by Moony Wainwright


“Brilliant, moving, real, funny, thought provoking & intriguing. It dealt with a “difficult issue” but with characters you cared about” - Tom Bailey, Love Arts Leeds

“Very poignant, raw and powerful. I laughed out loud a few times which I very rarely do” – Chris O’Connor, Playwright


“Great, really acute sense of character and authenticity in the writing and lovely execution by the performers” - Ali Ford, Square Chapel Arts

“Enjoyably exhausting” – Counsellor, Cruse Bereavement Care

“The honesty in the writing is brave and timely....wonderfully moving....a beautiful tapestry about life” – Anna Fletcher, Oldham Reporter

“Taps straight into your emotions” – Audience Member, OSO Arts “Everyone should see this play” – Leeds Area Manager, Cruse Bereavement Care

“Superb and captured the feeling of grief perfectly” – Karen Read, Seagull Theatre


“Loved it, made me cry buckets” – Audience Member, Cast

Excellent play on a very difficult subject, very moving and heart felt” - Audience Member, Oldham Libraries


“Bloody lovely, heart-breaking and funny” – Jo West, Playwright


“So powerful and moving” – Audience Member, Theatre Deli


“A really delicate piece of writing” – Richard Cameron, Playwright

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